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Sell Your Home Quickly With These 5 Tips

When selling your home, of course, you want to sell it quickly! And while there are many factors that will determine how quickly your house is sold—it’s important to be on top of the things you can control. If you’re still living in your home while trying to sell it (as many sellers are) check out these simple ideas that could help speed up the home sale process.

1. De-Clutter

Buyers want to step into a prospective home and imagine the possibilities. That’s a lot easier to do when a space is airy and clutter free. Clean out the closets, depersonalize your home and pack up family photos, knickknacks, and little-used items. Remove some of your furniture as well and it can totally transform how a buyer sees the property. Store the items you’ve packed offsite or neatly arrange in your garage or basement. BONUS: You’ll have a head start on packing when it’s time to move!

2. Do A Thorough Cleaning

Now that you've packed up the excess clutter and unnecessary furniture it's time to deep clean. A clean house makes a strong first impression that your home has been well cared for. If you can afford it, consider hiring a cleaning service (it may be worth it in terms of how quickly someone will make an offer on a clean, move-in ready home!). Don’t forget to wash windows (and leave them open to air out rooms). Clean carpeting and drapes to eliminate cooking odors, smoke and pet smells which can be a big turn-off to buyers.

3. Focus On Flow

This kind of falls under the idea of staging your home. Basically, you want to set up each space to looks its best to every potential buyer that will see it. Pay attention to each room’s furniture arrangement and how it allows for easy movement through the space. Try to take a look with fresh eyes (or ask a friend) and aim for a natural flow from one room to the next, rather than how you personally like it arranged.

4. Take Care of Your To-Do List

There’s probably a list of small repairs that you’ve been putting off for a while, like fixing a dripping faucet or touching up paint on some walls. This is the perfect time to make these minor repairs so that the house looks fantastic and is move-in ready for buyers. The less they have to be hesitant about, the faster they'll make an offer on your house.

5. Commit To Cleanliness

Just like removing clutter, keeping your place clean can go a long way toward appealing to buyers. It’s especially true in the kitchen—no stacks of dirty dishes in the sink or coffee rings on the countertops. This is possibly the most challenging tip of them all, but being ready for all the buyer showings will go a long way toward selling your house!