Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Joel was very accommodating of our opposite work schedules and showed the same property twice in one day when needed. He was also very quick to schedule showings which was crucial with the market we were dealing with.

Joel was a critical component in my first time home-buying experience! He set up showings within hours of reaching out to him. He was thoughtful in setting up showings as he planned routes according to location in order to be thoughtful of my time. He was available on nights and weekends in order to accommodate my schedule for months as well. Joel was helpful throughout the entire experience. Joel is knowledgeable about the homes not only the information from the SPIR, but also knowledgeable about what he is seeing during the showing due to his life experiences prior to becoming a realtor. Joel was honest and communicated in a prompt manner. I'm so thankful for Joel's advice, knowledge, patience, and extensive amount of time. Choosing Joel as a realtor did not disappoint me and I strongly believe he will not disappoint the next person who chooses him either! Thank you Joel!

He is the most experienced and knowledgeable agent I ever met. He has a good knowledge of construction and potential issues with properties. I highly recommend Joel Poquette for anyone looking for a home. Very satisfied.

We had a great experience with Joel. He was patient, a good listener and very attentive to our needs. If you are looking to buy or sell a home on the Champlain Islands, I'd highly recommend contacting Joel Poquette.

Great experience, Joel went above and beyond to help. He resolved issues in a timely manner and was responsive to my needs. Negotiated, gave referrals, followed up on questions, visited homes and took photos. Pleasant and polite.

I can't say enough about Joel other than he is a considerate, thoughtful and efficient realtor and person in expediting all he has done and continuing to do in finding the home of my dreams. Once I had started looking with him he was extremely diligent and helpful with every step of the way.  Absolutely could not have done it without him!

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